“First of all,Send a ninja card from the deck to the graveyard,The ninja school on my field·Uchiha belt soil rose from three stars to four stars,then,Activate the ninja effect I just sent to the graveyard,This is also the ninja sealed by you!”

“Anbe·Uchiha Shisui!Effect launch,When this card exists in the graveyard,Special summon a four-star or less ninja with Uchiha Itachi font from the deck or hand to the field,I chose to summon the ninja school·Uchiha Itachi!of course,For this I have to pay a thousand points of life,but,In order to summon the final card,Everything is worth it!”
“then,Ninja School·Uchiha Itachi effect is activated,When this card is on the field,Special call for a toddler·A derivative of Uchiha Sasuke!”
I’m wrapped up and still can’t even speak, infant Sasuke,With zero attack power,Zero defense,An ineffective posture appeared on the field。
“Worthy of being a blogger,Three ninjas were summoned in one turn!”
Tian Dou said in surprise。
“Not over yet!Send three ninjas on the field to the graveyard at the same time as materials,Special Summon Uchiha from the Extra Deck!Uchiha Tomitake!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,It is necessary to have Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke,And a ninja that can be specially summoned when a four-star ninja with Uchiha font is used as the material at the same time!”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!”
“Remove a ninja from the game,Draw three cards from the deck and send them to the graveyard,Each of them has a ninja with the words Uchiha,I can draw a card from the deck。”
“There are two,So i draw two cards!”
“Write round eye reward,Effect launch,Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Every time a Uchiha Ninja remove game from the graveyard,You can draw a card from the deck。”
“Remove the remaining two ninjas used as materials for Futake Summon from the game,I draw two cards from the deck。”
“Uchiha Tomitake,Effect launch!When all the fusion materials used as this card are removed from the game,You can add a kaleidoscope writing wheel from the deck to the hand card。”
“then,Activate the effect of another card I just drawn,Uchiha Recruitment!Unless destroyed by effect,Otherwise this card will permanently exist on the field,Turn all ninjas on the field into ninjas with Uchiha words。”
“Then start the field,Uchiha Cemetery!All the destroyed ninjas with Uchiha,And all the Uchiha Ninjas excluded from the game return to their graves!”
“In addition,That one was sealed by your ninja effect,Card sent to the cemetery,Do you remember?”