Yancheng Dafeng Beautiful Livable Country Overhead

Yancheng Dafeng Beautiful Livable Country Overhead

Original title: The beautiful and livable countryside in our district covers the province’s specialty pastoral country Xinfeng Town is too hungered, beautiful and comfortable farmers, flat and smooth roads, ripple rivers, scenery, pleasant farmhouse, vitality Angled landscape green, rich in cultural walls … presents a scene of peace and life, thriving.

This is the achievement of our district to build a beautiful and livable rural construction in the whole country. In recent years, in our district, the "industrial is prosperous, ecological and livable, township civilization, effectiveness, life is rich", the whole country has carried out beautiful and livable rural construction, and rural revitalization takes a solid step. There are 356 planning and development villages in our district, and 235 beautifully livable villages have been created during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period.

This year, the beautiful and livable village has been established by 100% of the target tasks. As of the end of September, 39 villages remediation construction tasks included in this year’s construction plan have been completed, and 82 villages are rectifying construction. At the end of this year, the beautiful and livable rural areas are covered. Agricultural housing improvement has a charm.

In our district, I hire high-quality planning and design consultants, adhere to differentiation, specialization, carefully plan and design new rural communities, build beautiful and practical, perfect, people welcome, and beautifully livable villages.

Up to now, 21 new rural communities in the whole district, improved 12907 farmers, and is commended to improve the improvement of the improvement of the China Farmhouse in Northern China (City, District).

According to the requirements of the farmhouse "have an image, there is a story, there is a charm", the high qualification planning design unit is commissioned to creative design of the whole style, architectural style, village logo, node products. In the new rural community, it will build a convenient supermarket, cultural center, health room, e-commerce centers, etc., improve the new community service function of rural areas.

Pay attention to engineering quality and safety management, promote rural traffic, tap water, domestic sewage, garbage, electricity, gas, information networks, etc., and continuously improve the mass production and living conditions of the masses.

In the vicinity of rural new communities, high-efficiency agriculture, green agriculture, and accelerate the development of agricultural one or two-three production, integrating the relocation people into the industrial chain, ensuring that the farmers are "stable, and can get rich".

Environmental remediation is effort. Focus on rural infrastructure long-term management, rural garbage governance, domestic sewage governance, rural road bridge construction, rural greening, brightization, village appearance, road along the road to environmental remediation, etc., It is perfect by weakness and is transformed by neat to a beautiful change. All 218 villages in the whole region have established a long-acting management team, and 1987 sanitation cleaning persons are existing, and all competing are active.

At the same time, more than 10 management systems such as river, road road, green, and villages have been established. The 218 villages, 1866 rural rivers, 2101 rural roads, 10.71 million green trees, 10,000 garbage pools, 10,000 garbage buckets, 268 rural public toilets are all incorporated into long-term management scope, and regular management. Accelerate the construction of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities and pipe network, 69 administrative villages in the 69 administrative villages implemented this year, all of which were completed, and 218 administrative villages in the whole district have a construction coverage rate of 100% coverage.

45 natural villages have 45 natural villages’ domestic sewage treatment facilities have started construction, and the rest of the rest of the 175 months started, and strive to be implemented in the past this year. There is a characteristic of rural construction.

Our district makes full use of rural existing construction foundations and special resources, and solidly carry out specialty pastoral rural construction. Focus from building a specialty industry, featured ecology, characteristic culture, molding pastoral scenery, pastoral building, idyllic life, building a beautiful village, a vivo village, and the cultivation of specialty villages and key villages have become a special pastoral country.

At present, there are 10 provincial specialty pastoral rural villages.

Through the demonstration lead, it is gradually built into a batch of replicated, promoted, and diverse specialty pastoral villages.

Increase traditional villages, construction groups and local characteristic residential protection.

Dingxi Village, Dingxi Town, Dingxi Ancient Street, Gu Qingfeng Bridge, Shuangfengjing, Dingxi Shitan, Dingxi Ancient Residential People, and I have been awarded the traditional village. At the same time, our district carefully combed traditional villages, implementing rural cultural protection, inheritance, and promoting intangible cultural heritage and traditional skills, strengthening the exploitation, protection and inheritance of farming culture, folk craftsmanship, and folk folk customs, encourage linkage promotion Villages and special agriculture, handicrafts, rural tourism, etc., etc., to create a distinctive rural cultural logo.

Historical and cultural villages, traditional villages, construction groups, and local characteristic residential are preferred in the construction of beautiful and livable villages. (Shunming) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.