Summer daily health recommended tofu meatballs 枸

Summer daily health recommended tofu meatballs 枸

Main Efficacy: Shoushi and Shengjin Recommended people: summer daily health care, general per capita. Ingredients: 100g of fat, 300g of old tofu, 1 egg, 200 grams of 枸 叶, various amounts of seasoning. Cooking method: mince fresh fat and smash meat, with old tofu, Jiang Rong, starch, pepper, salt, cooking wine mix.

After mixing, it is pushed into the egg and continues to stir well in the same direction.

Small green onion and green part, white part cut, green part of green onion.

Hot pot under the oil, white sections, add cold water to boiling. The mixed minced meat and squeeze the meatball with the tiger mouth of the hand and put it in the water. Washing the leaf, put the leaf in the pot after water, cooked with the tofu meat, and finally put the green onion, salt is slightly edible. Tang Tu Review: This tofu meat soup wants to use old tofu with tender tofu, stirring the final step to add eggs to stir well, only gently stir it, so that you can become a meatball, or it is easy to spread. But the meat that does not have a simple meatballs, it will not be like a simple old tofu, in addition, add cooking wine, Jiang Rong, and pepper, mix, so that this tofu meat has a taste Promote appetite.

So just need to use a little bit of soup to roll, add a refreshing leaf, add a little onion, and it can be a delicious soup. In the hot summer, everyone may wish to go home to try! Recommended: Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Nutrition.