Xinjiang tourism enterprises open the capital market gate

Xinjiang tourism enterprises open the capital market gate

Original title: Xinjiang tourism enterprises have opened the capital market gate "The successful listing of the Western Region Tourism, realized the breakthrough of zero, the main board of Xinjiang, is the major achievements of the promotion of tourism resources and capital integration, and opened the whole country. New chapter in development.

"On August 20th, the Secretary of the Party Group of the Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Hall, Hou Han, deputy director, said. Western Region Tourism Development Co., Ltd. listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which is on August 6th, marks the development of tourism resources and social capital integration in Xinjiang. Standing at the new starting point, open the new stage of Xinjiang tourism resources development brand development, rolling development, so that "Xinjiang is a good place" is more loud. "Successfully listed Thanks to the sustainable release of Xinjiang stable dividends, especially The Tourism Development Conference of the Autonomous Region targeted the tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry, and vigorously implemented the ‘Tourism Xingjiang’ strategy and more motivated us.

Li Xinping, General Manager of Western Region, said that the funds raised by the listing of the listing of Tianchi Tourist Service Center, the scenic spot Laochan tourists service project, scenic interval vehicle renovation project, etc., will enhance the company’s core competitiveness.

At present, Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area Management Committee has a scenic area jurisdiction, responsible for administrative management in scenic spots; Modern corporate governance road.

Hou Han Min said that in the future, the autonomous region’s cultural and tourism departments will further promote the development of 5A-level scenic spots in the country and the social integration of social capital and social capital, and instruct the scenic spot to implement "three power separation", asset restructuring, shareholding system reform, and listed financing. . Xiao Hu, President of Urumqi Vocational University Tourism College, believes that the Western regional tourism list will effectively enhance the brand’s brand value and market influence, get more financing opportunities and sustainable development capital, will also encourage more Xinjiang tourism companies to move towards the capital market.

At present, the tourism hotspots and scenic spots have established a tourism investment group, which has laid the foundation for social capital entry.

The general manager of Xinjiang Kanas Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is in the listing counseling. A group of strong tourism companies such as Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Wenlo Development Co., Ltd. is in the development period of vibrant, and the team in Xinjiang is increasingly powerful. (任江, Yao Gang) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).