Socialism is dried out (Wanghai Building)

Socialism is dried out (Wanghai Building)

  "After many years, visit Ningxia, and the Yellow River Tao is still.

However, the mountains and rivers changed their new color, the scenery of the day: Xihai Gu Tong Mountain, put on green clothes; Guangxi western set plains, cattle and sheep, fish fertilizer … "On July 20th, Yinchuan in Ningxia The convened learning propaganda implemented Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideological seminars and party history learning education high-end forums, and there were a representative to use the annual discourse, such as describing what to do.

  In the 1920s, the famous American female reporter Anna Louis Strong visited West Haiku.

That is the most tragic period in the West Haijing in the 1920th earthquake, and Ms. Strong passed, sad from the middle, wrote four words – desolate everywhere.

  Centennial! The birth of the Chinese Communist Party has completely changed the fate and future of the Chinese people. Today, "Dry Beach has become a gold sand beach"! Ningxia Mining Town Xihai Guunzhuang immigrants have been well-affected, and as the TV series "Mountain Hairy" is well known for everyone.

In the TV, there is no electricity, there is no road, no way to protect the forest, and the people live in the ground, drink the sand, taste the suffering. The bitterness and poor of reality are even more severe than TV dramas. When local poverty, the deputy secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Xi Jinping, "shocked". It is from that time, things collaborate, and Jun joins hands, one is more than 20 years.

Nowadays, in the past, Minning Village, across the mountain sea, and has become rich in Minning Town.

What is the reason? The root is only "hard". "Socialism is a dry" – In July 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward this major argument and issued this great call.

He said, "The energy savings in the Chinese nation is too long. If you have to go out to achieve great Chinese dreams." The energy of Xihai solids, the historical accumulation of the ancestors of life, finally broke out in the great process of well-off! Seeing the Town of Minzhuang Avenue, General Secretary Xi Jinping said very pleased, to promote this valuable experience to the country.

  "Philosophers just explain the world in different ways, the problem is to change the world." This is a famous saying on the Marx tombstone, perhaps one of the tops of all the number of people in all the words. This is not a fashionable discourse, but because Marxism is the theory of practice, always guiding the actions of the people to transform the world.

"Socialism is dried out" is the vivid expression of Marxist practical views and practical qualities. In a hundred years, the Chinese Communists have always adhered to the spirit of solid and hard, and united the Chinese people’s books have written the most magnificent epic in the history of the Chinese nation. The development of Minning Town is the magnificent musical notes of this epic. At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping was solemn. After continuing to struggle with all the people of the whole party, we achieved the first hundred years of struggle, and completed a well-off society in China, historically solved The absolute poverty is being forwarded to the second hundred-year struggle for the second hundred years of struggle in an intensive style.

This is the great glory of the Chinese nation! This is the great glory of the Chinese people! This is the great glory of the Communist Party of China! Looking back at history, the author remembers a detail of October 1935: The Red Army has been fighting for blood, and it has been unfolded.

Later, Mao Zedong wrote "Qing Pingle · Liu Pei Mountain": "Time Gao Yun, looks at Nan Fei Gender. Do not reach the Great Wall Non-Han, reflex the trip 20,000. Six-Puping Mountain is on the peak, the red flag is rich in Western wind. Today Hand, when will Canglong? "The sky turned into the ground in Minning Town and did not have a strong fence in the hands of the Canglong? Looking at God, such struggle is a lot of money! (The author is a special commentator for this newspaper (Editor: Bai Yu, Tong Zong Li) to share more people.