The child can take a high score of the parents to fall into the fear of "dismantling box"?

The child can take a high score of the parents to fall into the fear of "dismantling box"?

Original title: The child can take a high-profile parents to fall into the fear of "dismantling box"? The education department of a certain part of the education department issued a reduction in new politics, which requested the decline in the difficulty of the test caused the public discussion.

This rule wrote: "The difficulty coefficient of each discipline examination, the elementary school is not less than 95% of the average division is not less than the full score), the junior high school is not less than, the junior high school level examination (similar graduation test) is not less than." That is to say, for elementary school, full of 100 points, no matter what is region, what school, requires per capita 95 or more.

The education sector actively implements the attitude of double minus.

However, this policy that makes children can take high scores, but make many parents anxious. The difficulty of the exam is reduced, can parents’ stress can be reduced accordingly? This needs to be discussed a question: Is there a direct relationship? In fact, the absolute burden is related to the expectations of yourself (parent), and the difficulty relationship with the exam is not large.

For example, the college entrance examination in the 1980s, sometimes a subject, a class, but I am afraid that no one will say that the burden is more important than now.

The cause is more complicated, at least, the student and parents have not so high. More difficult exam, if you want to have a low level, it is extremely easy; a simple exam, you want to have a full point, you have to pay.

The difficulty of the exam is reduced. If a class, the countdown countdown can take more than 90 points. In the case of 1 point of the college entrance examination, the parents may be more anxious, and the burden of the children may not be alleviated.

There is a statistical number showing that the average score of the Beijing college entrance examination is significantly in more than 10 years.

At the same time, the number of training institutions, and the revenue figures are also growing rapidly. Is the burden of middle school students decreased? It is estimated that no one dares to shoot the chest, and the ticket is checked.

Reduce the difficulty of the test, the biggest favorable is to make more people have a sense of gain, "high-class candidates" is everywhere, let people feel "now how it is so powerful". However, the children are all very powerful, and the intensity of competition can also be imagined.

Many excellent children will not reduce the burden, because the final spell is a difference between two points.

Many years ago, a teacher has helplessly introduced me, and their class mathematics is full of 120, and the average score is 118; physical satisfaction 100, average 98. Brushing education is popular, some extent is precisely because the exam is easy, fighting is not wrong, there is less, so many excellent children learn for a year, just in order to less than one or two points. Tsinghua Qiu Cheng Tong Cang cut the admission grade to the third day, which is to liberate such outstanding students, let them liberate from the invalid learning in the third grade. The exam is an important means of education quality monitoring and can effectively control the quality of education.

Educational tests often have a normal distribution, that is, the high score and the low score student, and most students have achieved in the middle. Artificial setting a difficult target, such as more than 95 points or more, can reduce the pressure of the score, but is not large to reduce competitive pressure.

The reduction in the reduction in the reduction in the difficulty of reducing the difficulty of the test, but this is for some of the problems in some exams, in the supercompress, rather than catering to the parents of the students. In the context of the short-term impossible in the middle college entrance examination system, everyone has a high score, but it has caused many parents to produce "disassembly boxes" (they don’t know how children will be in the future, the child will be the fear. "

Double mining first requires the improvement of the quality of education in the school, to maximize the students’ education needs, including diverse education needs, and let students go back to the campus.

Second, it is subtraction, minus unnecessary class work burden, and the baking course.

If the school does not meet the education needs of students and parents, parents and students may still leave the campus to training institutions and go to the market.

If such a large area occurs, our reducer is equal to failure, it is equal to returning to the origin.

On this issue, you cannot avoid a sensitive problem, what is reasonable, correct, rational education, how to solve and face irrational education needs. The transition of guiding parental concept is a long process. In view of this, we must pay attention to the core needs of parents, and meet the basic education needs including cultural courses, providing students and parents to pursue higher education opportunities, space.

In the current environment, it is easy to subtract, but it is difficult to do addition, but this should not be a reason why we only reduce subtraction, or even misunderstanding. (Editor: Editor: Chi Xiangyu (intern), Wen Wei) Share let more people see.