Zhejiang Zhoushan to create a new new mechanism involved in fishing and fishing community

Zhejiang Zhoushan to create a new new mechanism involved in fishing and fishing community

  Can break again! When Zhang Moumou, Zhejiang Zhoushan City Community Correction Personnel took the "Community Correction Matters Approval Notice", finally slammed the tone, and gone to the staff of the judicial office. Not long ago, Zhoushan Municipal People’s Procuratorate and the Zhoushan Municipal Justice Bureau jointly established many departments, market supervision, human social security, civil affairs, etc. Some opinions (hereinafter referred to as "comments"). This not only makes the harvest of the sea-related fishing community correction object, but also breaks the information barriers between various departments, and constructs a new mechanism of the wedding and fishing community of many sectors. This year, Zhang Mou was sentenced to four years of imprisonment for three years in prison for smuggling goods. The probation test period begins on April 20.

On the first day of community correction agencies, Zhang Mou is anxiously asked: "Can I go out?" The staff told him that he was re-out, at least 3 months. The strict management phase. This makes Zhang Moumou very anxious, and he began a headache to take the life expense.

Zhang Mou has a husband and wife.

"He has chronic nephropathy, high blood pressure, diabetes, wife, is not working, no work, the medical expenses per month are not small.

"Xu Xian Li, deputy director of the Shenjiamen Justice Office, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, said that as the economic pillar of the family, Zhang Mou’s only income is an out of the sea, but after the smuggling is caught, this only economic source is also cut off. Disease and Double strikes of the penalty, let this this is not affluent, the family snow adds. Zhang Mouu is not a local person, and the two rented a room locally.

When I first visited Zhang a family for the first time, I saw this nearly one-meter high, holding a penny fee, keeping tears. Zhang Mou is not an example. Xu Xianli said that compared to other community correction objects, the harmonious and fishery community correction targets are often worse, implementing smuggling and other criminal activities because of the urgent use of money, so they are risks.

But after being arrested, their lives will be more difficult.

  "Their correction period is generally longer." Xu Xianli said. According to the statistics of the Zhoushan Procuratorate, 2017-2019, the correction period of the foreign-related fishing correction target correction test period has been higher than that. And limited to own conditions, during correction, they are generally facing re-employment challenges.

In 2019, Zhaoshan City is involved in fishing society, 46 years old and above, the cultural staff below junior high school account for most, their skills are single, nearly half of the maritime work qualifications, almost one long. It is also difficult to trade in cultural levels, which is also difficult for them.

  According to data, in 2019, in the Zhoushan City, there were many people-related objectives, and non-stable employees accounted for most, and some people did not even end at home.

Worse, they are usually the main labor of the family, the income is unstable, and the downtime means that the entire family is in economic difficulties, which in turn triggers family disputes, marriage rupture, and may even lead to corrective objects, so I will re-embraced the road. Multi-departments grasp the real life problem for these correction objects. The "People’s Republic of China Community Correction Law" adopted on December 28, 2019 proposes the humanized supervision requirements of community correction objects, emphasizing that helping correction object repair social relationships and Social integration. However, the challenges in regulatory practices are to allow correction objects to have sea, how to effectively supervise their maritime homework and avoid re-smuggling? Lu Wei, director of the third procurator department of Zhoushan City Procuratorate, said that due to uncertain factors such as sea wind waves, the sea-related fishing personnel will not return on schedule.

In the past, the supervision of the procuratorate and the Judicial Bureau can only rely on mobile phone chip positioning, but because of the weak telecom signal, the signal disappears often has a long history.

  In fact, the key to solving these puzzles is in the multi-sector. The "Opinions" requires the declaration of the invitations of the holiday to submit a ship’s driving license, the crew and other qualifications, and report the navigation route, through the Ocean and Fisheries Bureau, the Maritime Safety Administration assistance to verify, and the exports.

  After the correction target is in the sea, on the one hand, "Opinions" stipulate that the marine and fishery department, the maritime department assists that the community correction agencies will guide the travelers of fishing companies, the shipper and related ships, implement the person in charge of the enterprise, and the captain is community correction. Temporary guardian during the fishing industry.

On the other hand, according to the "Opinions", the community correction mechanism can be more suitable for the information platform for maritime supervision by the maritime bureau, and the navigation movement of the ship where the ship in the correction target is active. Once deviated, the sea police mechanism is notified in time.

  Lu Wei said that the guarantor of the general community correction object is his family, can’t follow the sea. Therefore, before the sea, the shipping company or the captain will be needed to sign a commitment to ensure that they will supervise and help correct the object during the sea.

After the sea, the performance observation of the correction object was joined in the safety information report of the maritime party or the captain. If the correction object is lost in the sea, the public security organ, the sea police agency can assist organizations.

When the community correction agency finds that the correction object is implemented in violation of the people’s court, and the public security organs, the sea police institution can also notify the public security organs, the sea police agency, and immediately reach the site for disposal. In fact, in the past practice, there is still a problem after being arrested by the sea police.

The probation personnel re-criminal shall be carried out immediately, and the court will revoked probation and re-trial, and a number of crimes. Due to the information barriers between the department, the sea police does not know the background of the arrested personnel, the latter is treated as a regular suspect, and still has the opportunity to pay for the contract. Now, the introduction of the "Opinions" broke the state of the island of each department and promoted many departments.

In addition to the above departments, the Human Social Security Department is responsible for clarifying employment guidance, guiding vocational skills training, and supporting the rights relief according to law. The civil affairs department will help the minimum living security, social assistance and other aspects. The market regulatory authorities strikes and disposes in accordance with the laws or intermediaries of the sea-related fishery enterprises or intermediaries in the market supervision. In addition, the "Opinions" also introduced the prohibition system, stipulates: "The people’s court can apply to the degree of subjective and social hazard according to the criminal circumference, subjective malignancy and social hazards according to the criminal circumstances, subjective malignancy and social hazards according to the degree of subjective, subjective malignant and social hazards according to the extent of criminal circumstances, subjective malignity and social hazards according to the criminal circumstances, subjective malignity and social hazards according to the degree of subject matter, subjective malignancy and social hazards. It is necessary to consider applicable forbidden order, which is forbidden to engage in specific activities during community corrections, enter specific areas, places, and expose specific personnel.

According to Wang Bin, deputy inspectors of Zhoushan City Procuratorate, before, in the case of the sea-related fishing community correction, the prohibited order has never used, and "Opinions" join the prohibition system, which is intensified to strengthen the power, and also Realizing the harmfulness of rival, the correction objects that have repeatedly made are never palliative. Under the premise of strengthening supervision and supervision, effectively promote the humanized management of community correction personnel. Personalization helps to relax the restriction of the sea, Zhoushan is involved in the fishing Another highlight of the community correction mechanism is the personalized help during the correction period.

Xu Tianli introduced that Shen Jiamen Judicial Institute helped an alleviation of the sea-related fishing community correction objects that were too high and unable to go to the boat, and docked with banks through the Justice, according to their current actual Revenue, reassessment of the monthly quota, and postpone the repayment period for two years. In Zhang Mou’s case, after understanding its difficult situation, Shen Jiamen Judicial Office established a correction team to formulate special correction programs, carrying out multi-round mental education conversations, and applied for him for special difficult subsidies . Xu Xianli said that in the strict management phase of the past three months, Zhang Moumou has a good performance. He strictly abides by community correction management regulations, and reports regularly, and participates in the activities of community correction public welfare projects many times.

  In July, Zhang Mou’s strict management stage will be turned into a normal management stage. The introduction of "Opinions" made him see the dawn of the sea again.

  However, according to the practice, after the unified adjustment management level, the Justice Bureau needs to declare the holiday, verify the various documents by the relevant departments, and finally approved for about 10 August 10.

However, this year, the driving time of Zhoushan on August 1st, time is urgent, and must catch the last working day before this, ready to go to get off work on July 30.

  Considering that Zhang Mou’s strict management stage has actually been more than 3 months, in the case of non-violation of community corrections, Shen Jiamen Judicial Office is specially charged by his special affairs, passed the approval process, advanced with the maritime, ocean Verify information with the fishery and other departments, and finally help Zhang Sou since successfully.

  "Next, the Zhoushan City Procuratorate will also establish a specialized database to the city’s hospitality-related fishing community correction person to achieve more targeted management and help." Lu Wei said.

Wang Bin said that in the future, the future will continue to improve the "Zhoushan sample" of the "Zhoushan sample" in the "Zhoushan samples" and the modernization of community correction and inspection and supervision and the modernization of judicial supervision system and governance. (Zhejiang Procuratorate) (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Meqi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.