[Hundreds of moments of hundreds of years] 1926, swearing the northern exteration

[Hundreds of moments of hundreds of years] 1926, swearing the northern exteration

  The establishment of the first national cooperation has promoted the development of the national revolutionary situation. On July 1, 1925, the Guangdong Revolutionary Government was established in Guangzhou to form the National Revolutionary Army.

On July 9, 1926, the National Revolutionary Army was swearing in Guangzhou to overturned the reactionary rule of the Beiyang warlord supported by imperialism, and the Northern Expeditionary, Freedom, Democracy and Unity purposes of the Chinese nation were officially started.

The picture shows the direct blow target of the Guangzhou people held the gathering of the National Revolutionary Army Northern Expedition Xinhua News Agency. The direct blow target of the Northern Expedition war is the Beiyang warlord supported by the imperialist. It mainly has Wu Peifu, Sun Chuanfang, Zhang Zuolin three forces, and the army they directly master has 700,000 people. The National Revolutionary Army under the National Government is only about 100,000 people.

The picture shows the Northern Expedition, Wuhan Military and Civilian Holding the New China’s picture of the Xinhua News Agency in the United States. The National Revolutionary Army has developed a centralized force, and the enemy’s strategic approach under the guidance of the Soviet Union. With the support of the people along the way, the Northern Expeditionary course is like a broken bamboo. In September, he occupied Hanyang and Hankou. On October 10, Wuchang, the main force of Wu Peifu.

The Northern Expeditionary Army of Jiangxi Province was destroyed from the main force of Sun Chuanfang, occupying Jiujiang, Nanchang.

Fujian, I will not fight in December. Immediately, the Northern Expeditionary Army has seized the plan of Zhejiang, Shanghai, and the West, in February 1927, in February 1927, in the province of Zhejiang Province. In March, he occupied Anqing, Nanjing and other places, and opened into Shanghai. At this point, the Northern Expeditionary The Northern Expeditionary occupied the South of Yangtze River. The picture shows that the Northern Expeditionary Weapon, the Northern Expeditionary Weapon, the new, the number of people, the Communist Party, and the Communist Youth League, forgetting the death, playing a model role, especially the Communist Ye Ting, the independent group, leading the lead Wuchang City became a strong war for the fourth army to win the title of "Iron Army".

The picture shows the Wuhan Revolutionary Army from January 3, 1927 to enter the Hankou British rental of the Xinhua News Agency. The Party Central Committee and the Shanghai District Committee have organized Shanghai workers to armed uprising in October 1926.

First, the second uprising was failed. On March 21, 1927, Shanghai workers successfully launched the third armed uprising.

On the 22nd, the Shanghai Special City Temporary Municipal Government was established. This is the earliest revolutionary regime established by the people under the leadership. The third armed uprising of Shanghai workers is a feat of the Chinese workers’ movement during the revolutionary period. It is the highest peak in the development of workers during the Northern Expedition War.

Total plan: Zhou Hongjun supervision system: Zhu Yonglei An Zaixiang planning: 子 王 文文: Wang Ying Design: Fan Shanshan Reference: "The History of the Communist Party of China" "Centennial Party History in the literature" "Chinese Communist Party History" Image Source: Xinhua News Agency Xinhuanet News Center [related reading].