Zhejiang Anji: "Tutor" 15 years with more than 2,200 grassroots "backbone"

Zhejiang Anji: "Tutor" 15 years with more than 2,200 grassroots "backbone"

In order to help the young cadres learn to do the masses as soon as possible, improve the ability to solve practical problems as farmers, Zhejiang Anji County has explored the "tutor belt system" with the old cadres in the old cadres, cultivated a large number of grassroots Youth backbone. On June 10th, the 15th anniversary of the "Tutor" in Anji County, Huzhou City, was held, and the "two mountain" test districts, high-level construction, and a high level of China’s most beautiful county, to create a comprehensive display of the new era for high-quality construction. China’s county window provides strong organizational guarantee and theoretical support.

In April 2004, Zhuzu Township, Anji County, inherited the spirit of "Old Township", and supplemented the new situation of the young cadres to practice the short board, explored the "old belt new" as a carrier in the organizer of the new situation. The purpose is to strengthen the ability of the young cadres to do the masses to enhance the feelings of young cadres on rural and farmers. In April 2005, the Anji County Committee fully affirmed the work of "belling" in the Towa Township, and actively summarized the pilot experience, and innovate proposed "tutor".

15 years have passed, how is this mechanism effective? The Standing Committee of Huzhou Municipal Party Committee, Anji County Party Secretary Shen Ming offended "transcript" – Since 2005, there are more than 2,200 young cadres in Anji County to grow into unit backbone. In practice, Anji County also applied this mechanism to investment promotion, project promotion, corporate service, etc.

At the pretext stage, in order to speed up the production, Anji County has established a complex guardian group, sent 637 complex tutors at all levels, 1481 service enterprise projects, and solve 3252 problems. The seminar scene, a scene of the experience of visiting the demolition, is a direct interpretation of this work experience. Subsequently, the mentor Yushusi and the apprentice Qiu Jiao, the mentor Qiu Jingming and the apprentice Wu Danni shared the guide to pass the way, the apprentice experienced the growth. Qiu Jiao, cadre of the Natural Resources Planning Bureau of Anji County, is the first secretary of the new village, just under the village, she is a bit not known.

"Due to the county, the secretary of the Hengshi Dock Village Party, the Xiaofeng Town, Cheng Yusong, became my governance village tutor.

Through the master hand, the apprentice is now available, and now I can work alone.

"Qiu Jiao has promoted its rapid growth in the tutor.

From the Central Party School, China Pudong Cadre College, Xinhua News Agency, Zhejiang Provincial Party School, Zhejiang Party Consultation Research Association Leading Experts to adhere to Anji "Tutor" to persist in 15 years, a long time, a high-end exploration practice gives a high degree of evaluation, and is new The Times "Tutor" continued to write a new chapter to give a good party. Experts believe that this system is not only innovation in cadre training, but also the innovation of grassroots party construction work.

After 15 years of development, the "Tutor Biography" has now become an important element of displaying the superiority of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. Experts also hope that next to increase the theoretical research on "tutor help", further summarizing the experience practices of making mass work in a new era, earnestly providing more practical programs, together with the construction of the development of grassroots governance Important Window provides more Anji experience, Anji samples.

(Editor: Guo Yang, Dai Qian).