We have incomparable confidence and pride

We have incomparable confidence and pride

  Today, we have successfully opened a new journey of building a socialist modern country, so that we will welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Looking back in the past vicissitudes, I feel that today’s struggle, looking forward to the future of the future, we feel more deeply, socialism has historical necessity in China, and China’s success reveals the scientific truth of socialism. China chooses socialism, not only lets itself created the miracle of "as a world", but also made an important contribution to world peace and development. Adhering to socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is beneficial to the Chinese people and is beneficial to the people of the world. In this regard, we have no reason not to be confident, and there is no reason to be unprotten. China has long been in the world’s leading position in history.

In modern times, encounter all kinds of internal problems, China’s development began to fall behind in the world’s trend. After the founding of the Communist Party of China, it has been hard to sacrifice, and it has a huge sacrifice.

Practice has proved that only socialism can save China, only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China, only to persist and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The huge success of socialism with Chinese characteristics, vividly reflects all aspects of China’s development, reflecting in the people’s masses that have enhanced, happiness, and sense of security. Standing in the new historical starting point, my country’s economic strength, scientific strength, comprehensive national strength is greatly improved, the people’s living standards continue to improve, the socialist system highlights huge superiority and strong vitality.

For example, creatively establish and develop a socialist market economy, so that the market has decisive role in resource allocation, and better play the role of government, let the "invisible hand" and "visible hands" each of them, mutual cooperation There is no unsharing and developing public ownership economy, and it is not shakes, support, guiding non-public economic development, so that all kinds of market subjectivity is constantly released; adhere to the distribution of labor, while adhere to various distribution methods, Other production elements such as capital, land, knowledge, technology, management, and data are encouraged to participate in allocation, achieving efficiency and fair organic unity. China adheres to the basic principles of scientific socialism, but also add new connotations to socialism according to their actual and era characteristics.

Today, socialist China has successfully completed the arduous task of eliminating absolute poverty, forming the largest secondary income group in the world, built the world’s largest social security system, basic medical insurance covers hundreds of millions, basic pension insurance covers nearly 1 billion people . People’s democracy is the life of socialism, and there is no socialism without people’s democracy.

The people are the fundamental power to promote historical development. The people are the foundation of my country’s socialist system is better than the capitalist system. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that design and development of national political systems must pay attention to historical and reality, theory and practice, form and content organic unity. It is necessary to adhere to the state of the country, from the actual formation, it is necessary to grasp the long-term formation of historical inheritance, but also to grasp the development path, accumulating political experience, the political principles formed, and also grasp the reality requirements, focus on solving real problems, can’t Cutting history, I can’t imagine that I suddenly moved "Feira Peak" on a political system. In the long-term practice, our party gradually established the people’s democratic dictatorship, the people of the people’s congress, and the multi-party cooperation and political consultation system of the Communist Party of China, the national regional autonomous system, the grassroots mass autonomous system, formed my country society Basic framework of democratic politics. A series of effective institutional arrangements, the people are really falling to the practice.

China’s large population size, the vast territory of the territory, meaning that China’s institutional design needs to be more inclusive, more integrated to ensure the stability and continuity of national governance. In China, electoral democracy and negotiate democracy is two important forms of people’s democracy, and the two complement each other and complement. Socialist negotiation democracy is not only a system arrangement of the political level, but also a system arrangement of economic and social levels.

Democratic consultation, ensuring the orderly political participation of the broad masses of the people.

These institutional design enabled China to be awarded towards national rejuvenation. Sudden new crown pneumonia epidemics, it is a major test for all mankind.

Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, China’s mobilization capacity, coordinated capacity, implementation capabilities, and use significant strategic achievements in the fight against neozopp pneumonia, prove the huge advantage of socialist systems. China uses different models with Western countries to realize the development of speed and scale in human history, so that the world is scraping.

This is China’s success and the victory of socialism.

It not only brings development to China, but also encourages more and more countries that meet the development path of their own national conditions, and explore a better social system.

  Dean of the Chinese Institute of Fudan University.