The water army control evaluation, the platform is difficult to confit the control review, the platform is difficult to blame – related dynamics

The water army control evaluation, the platform is difficult to confit the control review, the platform is difficult to blame – related dynamics

[Abstract] Recently, Douban was exposed to the absurd phenomenon of "super review", and the public was once again focused on chaos. (Original title: The water army control evaluation, the platform is difficult to blame) Recently, the Douban is exposed to the absurd phenomenon of "super review" because of the water army control review, and the public focuses on the messy network.

In addition to the except for Douban, Sina Weibo, Zhizhi and other platforms exist in different levels of water army manipulation, netizens complained "Water Army’s flooding" buried truth. The "water" of the online water army is full of duplicate useless and false information.

Under the provocation of the water army, the network space contradictions frequently broke out, quarrel, insults, net storms, human meat … The water army did no bottom-bottomed business, and the unscrupulous black heart is even more than the platform. – This gray industry chain is a mechanism for the operation of the water army, and behind it is money supreme. The harm of the Water Army is not only the threat to the health network environment, but also buried the truth. The water army built lies, and the fact is to block the true information, control network public opinion. The amount of exposure means "words", the ability to attract attention means winning the ability of public trust – this is the prestigious question of the water army self-produced, they have long forgotten the real information is the basis of all communication efficacy Always fight the "freedom" flag, spread false information, deliberately lead. What’s more, I also actively arrange rumors, misleading network public opinion in rumors, organizing a specific person or account.

  The basis of many behaviors of the Network Water Army is the world of lies they build. They use the information between the public, blind people, incite their emotions, so that the "rhythm" reaches the purpose of controlling public opinion;, in the face of the people who master the truth, it is to encourage violence and other violence. Let the people who have the truth are not good, don’t dare to speak, will "mute", to reverse the black and white – misleading the public, manipulating public opinion, let the truth fall into a silent spiral, to lock the real public opinion. Why close the relevant account, there will be a new water army to incur anything why the platform is so-called strict "management", the water army control evaluation still has frequently occurring the water-moving gray industry chain, and the platform is unable to force, or not, or Want to borrow the wind of the fire to win the competition between the platforms in the platform! The network of the network is developed from "new disease" into "tuttles", and all kinds of chaos occurred – most of the causes of this disaster It is the lack of platform. A platform’s water army can actually be "recruiting troops" in the majestic, which makes people have doubts about the actions and achievements of the governance water army propagandizing, and also governing the so-called "determination" of the water army to play a big question mark. The platform is the rights and obligations of network environment management.

The phenomenon of flooding in the water army, indicating that there is a vulnerability in the platform operation and management mechanism, making the bad residence organic. If the platform is familiar with the platform, it is open to the water army. If it is not strictly controlled, the "flow" of the Water Army will continue to be disaster.

Hope the platform is to make a tiger, helping to be abuse, otherwise it will endure it! Extension · Recommend WeChat shot, this five types of account will "group"! Weibo, shake, fast hand and other platforms, rectify network chaos a tariff The incomplete wind rectification is launched in the whole network! WeChat announced on October 22, according to the unified deployment of the "Qinglan" series of "Qinglan" series according to the National Netition Office, the WeChat public platform will continue to enhance the management ability, and further carry out Internet user account operations Chaos special rectification actions. The governance action focuses on the illegal illegal account "Reincarnation", account information illegal, large V account, false fans, malicious marketing accounts and providing game account rental services to minors and other issues and phenomena. Since the beginning of this year, the National Netcom is launched a special action of the Qing Lang, in the minor network environment, "rice" chaos, and the illegal editing of financial information is carried out in all-round rectification. Effectively curb the spread of online chaos. Multi-platform linkage WeChat, WeChat public platform will fully implement special rectification requirements, spread information on the use of party and government agencies, news media, and earn traffic through "headline party", "Title" with rhythm "control Comments, illegal accounts such as scattered information are strictly disposed. Specifically, the five types of situations. For the "translocking" of illegal illegal accounts, it is prohibited from re-registration with the same name, similar name and other associated names, and the platform will be the case of counterfeit discharies. The account number of organizers, enterprises and institutions, news media and other organizational institutions are concentrated; in-depth investment fans management work in the network celebrity account, continue to guide account entities to standardize operational behavior; for the malicious marketing of Internet user accounts, platform will focus on cleanup " "The" Title Party "" Triple ", etc. Protecting the rights and interests of minors are not inferred.

  The WeChat public platform expressed further improvement of management mechanisms, continuously enhancing management capabilities, actively guiding account entity to standardize operational behavior, and strengthening the performance of the platform content ecological treatment results through user reports, technical audits and manual inspections.

  After the notice was issued on October 19, there were a number of Internet platforms such as Weibo, shake, and fast hands.

A number of platforms are related to the strong advancement of the regulatory authorities. In order to effectively solve the outstanding problem in account operation, the National Net Letter Office held the national video work conference on "Qinglan Internet User Account Operations Special Rehabilitation Action" on October 18, and specialized deployment of relevant work.

  The meeting pointed out that for the high concern of the society, the people reflected strongly highlights, carry out special rectification of the "Qinglan" series, and focus on solving stubborn diseases affecting the Qing dynasty ecology of the network space, and has achieved positive results.

Account Operation Chaos Special Treatment Action is an important part of the "Qinglan" series of special rectifications, will adhere to problem-oriented and effect-oriented, for instant messaging, news, forum community, live broadcast, knowledge question, life service, e-commerce, network video , Online games and other website platform account chaos are concentrated.

  All-round governance network environment China Securities reporter reporter, this year, the regulatory authorities have carried out all-round in the minor network environment, "rice" chaos, illegal editing of financial information, etc. Rechent, solidly promote the work of the network, the network ecology is constantly good. On June 15, the Central News Office decided to carry out a special action for 2 months of "Qinglan ‘Roop’ Chaos Implementation" in the country.

Special actions For the online "rice" highlight, focus on the focus of the star list, hot topic, fan community, interactive comment, etc. Various harmful information such as defamation, rumors, malicious marketing. On July 21st, the Central News Office announced that the special action of "Qinglan · Summer Union Network Environmental Remediation" is launched, focusing on solving the outstanding problems of the physical and mental health of minors on seven online hazards, including live, short video platforms Adult questions, minors online education platform issues, children’s bad animation animation works, etc.

Among them, it is strictly forbidden to live a live broadcast of minors under the age of 16, and seriously investigate and deal with "net red children" behavior. The National Nettle Office decided to launch a special rectification of the Qingranian business website platform and self-media illegal editing. Concentrately clean up a group of illegal financial information, according to law, according to law, according to law, according to law, strictly rule a batch of serious website platforms, banned a group of "black mouth", extortion, and society reflect strong self-media account.