Shanghai: suspend inter-provincial team travel to provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) appear in high-risk areas

Shanghai: suspend inter-provincial team travel to provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) appear in high-risk areas

  Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau issued a notice requiring Culture Travel management departments at all levels, each text brigade units to fully understand the current grim situation of epidemic prevention and control, prevention and control of compaction pressing responsibility to implement prevention and control measures fall fine, strengthen the prevention and control of supervision and inspection, and resolutely plug the loopholes in prevention and control.

See ↓ Shanghai notify Culture and Tourism Bureau on further strengthening the city’s cultural and tourism industries epidemic prevention and control of (a) strict anti-enter the work from outside the tight travel agency to implement epidemic prevention and control requirements 1. strictly do. Travel agents and online travel companies can not operate group tours and entry-exit "Air + Hotel" service. 2. Strict implementation of inter-provincial tourism management and business activities "fuse" mechanism. The provincial high-risk areas (regions and municipalities) occurs, immediately suspend travel agents and online travel business in the province (autonomous regions and municipalities) inter-provincial team travel and "Air + Hotel" service. 3. Pause tourist train operating business. Travel agents and online travel companies should strictly follow the requirements of the city, "the travel agency’s new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control guidelines (first edition 2021)," the strict tight, do attract tourists, organization, hospitality and other aspects of the epidemic from real fine from prevention and control work, and strictly control the scale tourism team, effective immediately suspend business tourist train business.

  (Ii) A strict implementation of tight tourist attraction in claim 4. The disease control inlet to strict control and stricter.

Scenic open management according to the "limited, booking, peak load shifting" the general requirements, combined with the actual reasonable scenic tourist reception set the upper limit, earnestly implement the real-name ticket reservation system to ensure that every tourist information can be traceable.

Visitors experience the park strictly implement the code registration, measuring body temperature, wear a mask specifications and other requirements. The place to be thorough disinfection.

All kinds of indoor places, objects and the environment to strengthen disinfection, especially in tourist facilities and equipment used in high-frequency, so that disinfection full coverage, leaving no gaps, and shall be equipped with a sufficient amount of disposable disinfectant for tourists.

  6. traffic regulation to precise and meticulous. Guide visitors to perform well, "one meter line", keep a safe social distance, peak load shifting tour.

Of people gather items and places, such as the entrance area, popular attractions, the narrow channel, and other venues is easy to form, to arrange special personnel to strengthen management, to prevent congestion and instantaneous aggregation.

  7. To timely and effective emergency response. To improve emergency plans, improve the working mechanism, strengthen emergency drills to enhance the emergency response level, proper disposal anomalies. (C) the strict implementation of requirements 8. Hotel epidemic prevention and control and strictly implement the front door check code registration, measuring body temperature and other requirements, set up and perform well, "one meter" and other guests gathered at the front desk area, guided guests wear masks tight specifications. 9. Reasonable arrangements for the disinfection of public areas of frequency, strengthen the use of high frequency facilities for sheets, towels, cups and other guest amenities and hygiene and disinfection.

Enhance ventilation of indoor areas, a new wind operation mode, the air conditioning system regularly cleaned and disinfected. Provide sufficient quantities of the rooms and public areas disposable disinfectant.

  10. Strict tableware disinfection, to promote non-contact ordering checkout recommended Gongbiao chopsticks, keep their distance when reminded to eat, wear a mask when non-eating.

  11. Strict implementation of urban levels of prevention and control department requirements for meetings, events, banquets and other events where people gather, epidemic prevention and control programs and to develop contingency plans, improve the working mechanism, strengthen emergency drills to enhance the emergency response level, proper disposal of unusual circumstances .

  (Iv) strictly from the tight implementation of cultural and entertainment epidemic prevention and control requires 12 theaters and other venues, museums, public libraries, cultural centers, community cultural centers, art galleries, entertainment, game rooms, Internet access service sites Social artistic level Grading relatively confined space such as on-site place to strengthen the daily hygiene cleaning, disinfection enhance ventilation. 13. enter the premises to strictly off the test code, temperature, wear a mask specifications, the real name registration information and other control measures to prevent personnel instantaneous aggregation.

  14. minimize aggregation of events organized in confined spaces, indoor entertainment culture does not meet the conditions for the prevention and control should be ordered its immediate rectification, if necessary, the pause pause, the closure of the closure. (E) strictly from the tight grasp of employee health monitoring and management 15. The various types of text brigade units to strengthen routine health monitoring and management of staff, to grasp the status of employee health, travel trajectory, to ensure employee health posts. 16. Employees fever, cough and other symptoms should be promptly to the designated medical institutions for treatment, and resolutely put an end to sick posts.

  17. strengthen epidemic prevention and control training for staff to master the system of prevention and control measures for disease prevention and control guidelines and requirements, enhance staff awareness of epidemic prevention and control and the ability to ensure the prevention and control measures are in place.