Southwest China University research delegation won the Excellent Organization of China Youth Volunteers

Southwest China University research delegation won the Excellent Organization of China Youth Volunteers

  China Youth Network Beijing December 7 (Reporter Li Yanlong Correspondent Chen Ying Du Juan) December 5th, the 13th China Youth Volunteer Excellent Personal Award, Organization Award, Project Award Selection Results, Southwest University of Nationalities "Gusang "Graduate Education Group received the 13th China Youth Volunteer Excellent Organization Award.

  The Southwest University for Nationalities, "Genzanghua" graduate education team was established in 2015, accumulating the national volunteers of 30 political, professionalism, and love deep, and the Shanda Hongyuan County of Aba Prefecture in Aba Prefecture in Hongyuan County Serve. Volunteers are close to the main line of the Chinese national community consciousness, and vigorously implement the "three support" projects of Wisheng, Fuzhi, and Shu Xin, carry out nearly 100 fields of various activities, covering more than a thousand Tibetan students.

  The team adheres to the "Border Teaching Studying" "Border Teaching Bureau", "Border Teaching Service", establish "Genzang Flower" Scholarship, "Warm Winter Action" "Plateau Love Book House" "Love 1 + 1 Help", Classroom "Book "The" Small Pomegranate "live education and other education help projects. Their "Casting China National Community Consciousness Concentrates Youth Force" Research Supervisor "The" Research Supervisor "Practice" project successfully selected the Ministry of Education for 2021 "College Ideological and Political Work Boutique Project".

The team was once received by Comrade Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, won the title of the 23rd "Sichuan Youth Five-Year Medal".

  Over the years, the team has always implemented the overall requirements of "comprehensive strict management, reasonable scale, strengthening work orientation, and improving quality", and standardizes the construction of branch of party (group), based on the basic education teaching of Hongyuan County and Quita County, continues Integrating the integration education, cultural promotion, science propaganda, rural residence, etc. Editor in charge: Li Yanlong.