"Legless Warrior" Xia Boyu: Climbing Life Mount Everest

"Legless Warrior" Xia Boyu: Climbing Life Mount Everest

Xia Boyu said that I do n’t recognize ‘people’ s victory ’. It’ s not that I have conquered Mount Everest, but that Mount Everest accepted me.

  Xinhua News Agency, Xining, March 10th: "Legless Warriors" Xia Boyu: Yong climbing the life of Zhufeng Xinhua News Agency, Li Linhai, a 73 -year -old Xia Boyu, participating in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games. Gao Feng, under the attention of the world, he was wearing a jacket and holding a mountaineering stick. On the opening stage, he climbed and flew with the children.

  In order to show a perfect performance at the opening ceremony, they rehearsed that it was often in the early morning. "Fortunately, we can participate in the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games at the door of the house. We show the world to the world’s style and spiritual appearance of the disabled." Xia Boyu said.

  Xia Boyu was born in Chongqing. When he was 7 years old, he followed his parents to Qinghai on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, where he lived there for nearly 18 years. He has liked sports since he was a child. He was a football player of Qinghai Province Sports School. In the 1970s, the national climbing team selected players, and Xia Boyu reported on the mountaineering.

  "Actually, I never participated in the mountaineering campaign at the time, but I only got a free medical examination opportunity for signing up to participate in the selection.

"The arrangement of fate made him contact the mountaineering campaign. Xia Boyu did not expect that in 1975, the first mountain he climbed was the world’s highest peak -Mount Everest.

  "The first time I saw Everest, I was deeply shocked, and it was majestic and spectacular.

After contacting this sport, you will feel hardships and difficulties. Bing collapse and blizzard are a great test of us. "The bigger test is still behind … In 1975, the Chinese mountaineering team climbed Mount Everest again. Xia Boyu was one of the members. He and his teammates encountered blizzard when he climbed at 8,600 meters above sea level and had to be withdrawn. Essence

A few days later, when he was lying in the hospital waiting for amputation, he heard the news from his teammates from the radio, and was sad and happy. "The amputation experience is a very heavy blow to me. I think my second half of my life can only be spent on a wheelchair. I lost confidence in life and felt that I had fallen into the abyss." Until he met a German prosthetic expert I learned that I could not only walk and climb the mountain, the hope of the hope seemed to be lit again.

  In 2008, he returned to the north slope of Mount Everest wearing a prosthetic limb to cheer for the Beijing Olympic Torch Torch Mount Everest. That experience made him feel that his dream was not out of reach.

  He did not stop climbing. In 2014, he arrived at the Mount Everest Southern Popular Camp in Nepal.

However, there was a severe avalanche in the south slope. A number of Herba high -altitude workers died unfortunately, and the road climbing was also washed away. In 2015, he came to the Nanpo Camp again. A big earthquake occurred in Nepal, and his Mount Everest Dream was stranded again. In 2016, Xia Boyu tried the fourth time. When the peak was less than 100 meters away, the storm blocked him. In order to obtain more experience in wearing righteous limbs, Xia Boyu climbed Muzetag Peak at 7546 meters above sea level, Yusu Peak of 6178 meters, Simuami Mountain and Balang Mountain at 6,250 meters above sea level. Grey Desert. "The mountain is always there, I think as long as I live, there will be a chance to come again.

"Xia Boyu said. Finally, on May 14, 2018, Xia Boyu hit Mount Everest for the fifth time and completed the feat.

  "The experience of losing my legs is a turning point in my life. At first I hated Mount Everest. It took it to take my feet and experienced the ups and downs of my life. I fell in love with Everest. The dream of life and the courage to overcome difficulties makes my life more fulfilling.

"Xia Boyu said.

  Today, the old man who has been old is passing his dreams and persistence to more young people.

With the help of the government, he walked into colleges and universities to share his experience with college students. In his spare time, he interacted with elementary school students to tell his stories … "The power of sports makes me not afraid of difficulties and always move forward.

"Xia Boyu said," I don’t recognize ‘people’ s victory ’, not that I conquered Mount Everest, but that Evefeng accepted me.

People are too small in front of nature, and nature will never be conquered, but human destiny can (conquer). "".